Activities in the Surrounding Area

A New York resort offers the excitement of the big city and the solitude of the countryside. Families can enjoy endless attractions in the surrounding area and the calmness of one of New York’s most beautiful lakes. New York is one of the most populated tourist destinations and a New York resort can show you and your family why this is. With New York City just an hour from your resort families have the option to bask in the exciting city life and at the end of the day return to the solitude of the Catskills and the crisp mountain air. You can even turn your vacation in to a New York fishing trip and enjoy the variety of fish in the Washington Lake. New York summers are too good to be true, bring your family and friend to a New York resort and enjoy the fairytale that is New York.

New York City is bursting with life and activities for the entire family to enjoy. If you want a truly unforgettable and diverse vacation, consider staying right here in New York. Attractions surrounding New York resorts are numerous and unlike any other attractions that you and your family have been to before. Staying in a New York resort that is close to the city has multiple benefits. You and your family can spend the morning recharging your batteries in one of the beautiful rooms at the Catskill Mountains resorts and spend the afternoon in the booming city exploring countless museums and eateries that are unlike any other. Your family can enjoy the diverse life that surrounds the Catskill Mountains and are within reach.   

You and your family can continue to enjoy iconic New York attractions like water parks and endless options of musicals and plays that are available in Manhattan. Bring your family to enjoy the big screen like never before at one of the many movies theaters that are all over the city. When you and your family are finished living it up in the city, you can happily retreat back to the Catskill Mountains resort to relax and enjoy a delicious meal provided by your New York resort.