Skip the Traditional Places for Vacationing

Planning a vacation almost always reveals the same types of destinations like Florida, California, the Outer Banks, snowboarding locations, beaches, and other frequently visited places. This year, skip the cliché and go with something new and interesting. Vacationing in upstate NY is an awesome opportunity because you can take advantage of both the picturesque location and the fun adventures surrounding the area. Upstate NY resorts have a number of activities, perfect for everyone in your party.

Outdoor and Waterfront Activities

All-inclusive upstate NY resorts offer a variety of outdoor and waterfront activities for the whole family. Go fishing or swimming in the lake or consider hiking in the scenic mountains surrounding the resort. There’s nothing like breathing in the fresh mountain air of the Catskills, particularly if you are looking for a break from the city air congestion. Vacations in Washington Lake allow you to do all these activities and more, which means there will be something for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing like the beauty surrounding Washington Lake, NY resorts.

Enjoy Indoor Activities as well

While you hope for amazing weather during your vacation, you won’t be sitting around bored if you experience a rainy day or two! You can relax in the steam room or hold competitions in the game room with your family. You can enjoy some of the fantastic restaurants nearby as well.

Make the Most out of Vacations in Washington Lake

Every now and then, you need a little vacation. Washington Lake, NY resorts are perfect for a weekend getaway with your partner or a full family vacation. Take a break from your busy life and consider trying something different. Vacationing in upstate NY is an entirely different vacation experience and it’s one you won’t regret. The accommodations are beautiful and comfortable, with dining options available onsite. You won’t want to leave; in fact, you’ll be ready to plan your next getaway before you are even in the car.

A lot of your enjoyment will be thanks to the amazing staff at Washington Lake, NY resorts. When planning your vacation in Washington Lake, you’ll undoubtedly have a lot of questions with regards to room availability, activities, and rates. Just pick up the phone and connect with a staff member to get all your questions answered and that focus on guest experience doesn’t stop once you book your trip; you’ll experience it until the moment you leave the resort. Start planning an amazing trip vacationing in upstate NY right away.